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We represent, we coach, we mentor

We are proud

We take great pride in finding, training and representing up and coming young talent in the North East for theatre, TV and film.
We are delighted with who we have on our books and are always on the lookout for future talent.
If you would like to be represented by Peanuts please email or call us with your details and we can discuss our audition process of representation.



Professional head shots are an essential tool for all actors as they could be the difference between getting an audition or not. We know that this can be pricey so we offer our own service for only £60. When you come to the session it is preferable to bring a change of top so that we have an option to capture your best look. We will give you directions on the day to make the photos more dramatic but, if there is a look that you would like to go for, please practise it beforehand.


Showreels are now a major part of an actors career. Simply having a show-reel will not, however, be enough if it doesn’t show the actor in the best light possible. This means showing great acting in a succinct and dramatically powerful way.
We offer a bespoke showreel service that places your footage in away that draws the viewer in and shows off your talent in the best possible way. We can also film and edit original pieces either in the studio or on location. 


Book a Session

If you are wanting a headshot or showreel taken please contact Kathryn on 07506 285295 to arrange a session.


Child protection policies available on request.

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